Jewelry Organization

Friday, July 15, 2011
Next up, organize my jewelry collection.  I did this back in 2007, and it turned out great.

But since then, it has become bit disorganized as my collection has grown (remember? I'm trying to accessorize more), and it has started to fall apart.  So I want to revamp what I have-- make it more substantial (no more nails falling out) and better suited for my current jewelry collection (more bracelets!).

Here are some images that are my inspiration.  Like I said, I am working with the black shadow boxes that I originally bought from Michael's but hope to incorporate some of the design aspects below.

1 // Towne and Reese via Young House Love // Love the linen canvases.  Such a clean look.  But I do think I'd miss having a little shelf to stash some things on... although maybe it would be a good thing not have one!

2 // Better Homes and Garden // Great idea to use a radiator grate!  I love just being able to hang my earrings on the fabric/mesh backing of my current boxes.  This is another way of being able to do that.

3 // Martha Stewart // Love love love this but won't really work for my current, wall hanging system.

4 // Better Homes and Garden // Love the drawer pulls!

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