Tequila & Tacos!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011
I would say the party was a success! Good food, great people, bottomless cocktails.  Isn't that all you need?

The plan was to do as much ahead of time so that we could all enjoy the party.  That meant pitchers of cocktails instead of making individual margaritas, slow cooking the meats as opposed to grilling and finishing all other party prep before people arrive.

While it was quite warm before the sun went down, at least it wasn't rainy!  

My only party regret is that I didn't take any detail pictures. It's one thing to ask Andy to wait while I style our food and drink, but it's another to hold up a party!  I'll have to work on this aspect of party prep and photographing.

Can you see the drink swizzle sticks?  I think they turned out pretty festive except, note to self, think about the cups you're using.  The sticks were a little long for short glasses!  Oh well, Hap and Hugh (not pictured) were resourceful and used it as an accessory instead.

The 2200 Girls... We can never leave!

Thanks to everyone who helped pull off the party... could not have done it without y'all!

Happy (Early) Birthday Andy & Catherine!

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