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Simplifying My Make-Up Routine

Monday, February 25, 2013
I have always loved make-up. I still remember my first "real" make-up. On a trip to New Orleans, mom took me to the Bobbi Brown counter at Saks and after a make-over, she bought me a few eye shadows, a blush and some brushes. That planted the seed and I've loved make-up ever since. I've never been able to stick to a particular "look". I've always liked to do different things, try new things, and generally do something different every day. This hasn't always been a good thing as I have pictures to prove.

Recently I've settled into a routine and have no desire to change things up. I guess after 18 years of experimenting, I've finally hit a groove. It's nice, because I've been able to simplify. Good timing since I'm sure my mornings aren't going to be quite as leisurely once the little one arrives! I'm sure some would not consider the following "simple" but it is for me! And really, I can get through the whole routine in 5 minutes on a work morning.

The Beauty Blender-- this is a must have. Another mom influence in my make-up routine. I think it was a stocking stuffer one year and it's been the first step in my make-up routine ever since. A tip-- make sure you get it damp first. It plumps it up and gives you a sheer coverage of foundation. And the perfect foundation is Laura Mercier's Crème Smooth Foundation. Then Laura Mercier's Translucent Loose Setting Powder with Elizabeth Arden's Face Powder Brush sets everything so it stays on all day.

To finish the foundation, I add a little color... Laura Mercier's Brow Powder Duo and Trish McEvoy Natural Blush.

Then it's time for the eyes-- my favorite part. I feel like this is where I can change things up. Covergirl Liquiline is the best eyeliner... goes on smooth, stays in place and it's from the drugstore! Or sometimes I like to use a smudge brush, like Trish McEvoy's Brush 54 Va Va Voom Smudge and a dark eyeshadow. So eyeshadow. I've never liked a set palette. There are usually a few colors that I like but the rest are wasted. That was until I received the Urban Decay Naked Palette as a birthday present from a dear friend. It's perfect. Finish off the eyes with L'Oreal Voluminous® Carbon Black Mascara and I'm ready to go!

Where's the lipstick, you might ask? That's an area where I still haven't found my stride. I usually just put on some aquaphor and I'm done. Maybe this should be the next thing I work on... Have any lipstick recommendations? Other make-up favorites?

Home Inspiration

Tuesday, February 19, 2013
Babies and house renovations have been on the brain constantly (oh and taxes but I won't bore you with that!). We closed on the house on a Friday in mid-January and the renovation started the following Tuesday and has been going full speed ever since. Due to the condensed timeline with a firm end date (baby's going to come whether we're ready or not!), we had to do a lot of planning before we even closed (made me a nervous wreck! I don't like to count my chickens before they hatch.). One thing I tried to do was come up with an overall tone for the house. It's not a big house, so I wanted a cohesive look and these are some of the images that inspired me.

first row, left James Michael Howard // right Lonny Magazine Jul-Aug 2011 - Photography by Patrick Cline - Interior Design by Lauren Gold - Art Direction by Michelle Adams // second row, left House Beautiful April 2007 - Designer by Barbara Westbrook - Photography by Pieter Estersohn // right Thom Filicia Inc - Vogue Living // third row Design by Lauren Liess - Photography by Helen Norman & her assistant, F.J. Hughes // fourth row, left Justin Bishop via Desire to Inspire // right Mara Roszak and Alex Polillo's Home featured on Apartment Therapy

And I'm back!

Monday, February 18, 2013
So where have I been the past 2 (err, 4) months?! Riding the emotional rollercoaster of life! Let me preface this by saying, I am incredibly blessed and these are wonderful problems to have. I understand that, but it doesn't mean it hasn't been an emotion filled couple of months! I'm not really not into rollercoasters... we went to the MS State Fair every year growing up, family tradition, but this girl rode 0 rides... instead I ate for 5 people!

Let's catch up... we started the house hunt, found a house we loved, didn't get that one, found another one we loved even more which made us thankful we didn't get the first one, had some overseas negotiations and then got it! It needed some work, just a little cosmetic work before we move in. Well that turned into a whole house renovation (oops!). Oh and I'm pregnant! In 5 short weeks, Baby P should be here and we couldn't be more excited to meet him (yep, a little boy). And all of this during tax season. Andy suggested that since we don't have enough going on, it's probably time to get the puppy we've been talking about.

Even though I haven't done much of anything else, I have missed the blog but what is that commercial? A body in motion, stays in motion? Well, a blogger not blogging, stays quiet. Not quite as catchy but it's true. The more days between blog posts, the harder it was to get things rolling again. But now's the time. I can't promise I'll be here every day but my goal is three times a week. Let's see how that goes, ok?

I know a post with no pictures is pretty lame, sorry. Come back tomorrow for some pretties!