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Hall Bath - Before & Progress

Thursday, March 7, 2013
You're supposed to do "before and afters" right? Well, if I waited for the "afters" to share of the house, it would never happen. So I think it's going to be before and progress shots with follow up progress shots for a while. Andy said the other night "so when we move in, our living room will have a sofa and a TV on the floor?" Yep, that's about right.

But onto the hall bath. I think my "befores" are a little too kind. This bathroom was just down right bizarre (but not as bizarre as the master!) and ugly, so it all had to go!

And that's just what happened. We ripped it all out to the studs. Since our total renovation was originally a fairly small scope, we did not move any plumbing, not that there are that many options in a 5'x7' bathroom (although the master bath is even smaller!).

It was amazing how fast they built it back. The original plan was for a tub but as we got into the renovation, it became apparent that there just wasn't room. I was a little concerned for a bit that the babe would have a deprived childhood of a life without a tub, but I got over that pretty quickly-- he can just go to his grandparents house!

Sources and more pictures to come as we finish up the bathroom. This is one room that might just get finished! But in the meantime, you can find me going gaga over the plumbing fixtures.

Hall Bathroom Inspiration

Monday, March 4, 2013
Our original "cut-off date" was before Thanksgiving. If we didn't find a house before Thanksgiving, we were going to put the house hunt on the back burner and focus on how to rearrange the apartment to make it perfect for our soon-to-be family of 3.

Well that was the plan but that's not what happened. Oops! Realistically, would I really be able to put the house hunt on the back burner if the perfect place came on the market? Nope. So instead we went under contract a few days before Christmas with a closing date in mid-January. Knowing that the beginning of the year is already the busiest time for me with work and add to that planning for the arrival of the babe, it was going to be a tight schedule, especially because we had renovations to do before we move in. So I started gathering inspiration ideas and here are what I had in mind for the hall bath.

Stay tuned for later this week for the before and progress shots of the hall bath!

first row, left Editor Zim Loy's Master Bath featured in House Beautiful's Unique Bathrooms - Cool and Creative Bathroom Design Ideas - Photo by Jonny Valiant // right Real Estate Listing for 305 Sea Lane in La Jolla featured on House of Turquoise // second row, left Liz Caan Interiors // right Bailey McCarthy's Austin Home via Design Sponge - Photos by Paige Newton // third row, left b.home interior design by Tracey Butler // right Kohler's Tresham Collection