Weekend Recap - Holiday Weekend Style!

Monday, July 4, 2011
Andy and I took advantage of the long weekend and made a trip to Dallas to visit family and friends.  We certainly squeezed in as much as we could!

After arriving on Friday evening, we went straight to Fireside Pies for dinner.  We enjoyed cocktails at the bar with Mom and Dad while waiting for our to-go order.  I had the Ginger Vodka Soda which was quite refreshing. Andy's always up for recreating cocktails we enjoy, so he inquired about the drink specifics with the bartender.  This particular drink used a ginger puree-- something new to us!  He's made ginger infused vodka and ginger simple syrup but never a puree.  Hopefully we'll be able to recreate this cocktail at some point this summer.

On Saturday, we hit the ground running.  First stop, the priority of our trip, a visit with Mimi.  We had a great time chatting and looking through the photo albums that she's been working on.  It's absolutely incredible the number of pictures and the documentation that she has.  In one of her albums, she has her paternal grandparents' (so my great, great grandparents) marriage certificate.  On the back, it lists out each of their children (one every 2 years!).  Their handwriting was just exquisite, and of course I loved reading through my ancestors' names.

Next stop, a visit with Miss Penny and what a doll she is!

I'm so happy Penny made her arrival in time for us to meet her!  I couldn't get enough snuggles.

Joanna looks amazing and Glenn is such a precious dad.

More afternoon visits with Mimi, followed by dinner at Hibiscus with Mom and Dad.  After dinner, Andy and I met up with Drew and Caroline for a few cocktails at the Old Monk.  It was quite a nice surprise that they were in town and able to meet us on such short notice!  Then Andy and I continued our socializing down the street at Barcadia with Adriana and crew!  How fun it was to catch up with some girls I hadn't seen in a while and to meet Preston.

We were so fortunate that lots of friends were in town over the 4th of July weekend.  On Sunday morning, we had breakfast with Cynthia and Jordy at the Melrose.  They had a family wedding the night before, but an early breakfast was no big deal considering they're expecting a little one in October.  Cynthia is glowing and it was fun to catch up. Next time I see them, they'll have a little baby girl!

Mom and Dad picked us up with Mimi and Dickey's BBQ in the car, and we headed to Lake Athens for a day trip.

I wish we were closer so that we could spend more time at the lake!  But we'll look forward to visits.

Thankfully Camilla was back in town before we headed back to DC.  We met her at Buzz Brews for breakfast.  Rye introduced Mom to this 24/7 pop-art eatery, and I now know why it's a new favorite for Mom and Dad.  They have quite the extensive menu, but I opted to stuff my own crepes.

Ham, Monterrey jack cheese, red onion and covered with poblano creme sauce.  Yum!  Probably a good thing that I didn't know about this spot when I lived in Dallas.

Thanks for the intro Rye!  And thanks for the pic, Camilla.  So glad we could do brunch!

Andy and I returned back to DC safe and sound and in time to get back into the District before the firework craziness.  We watched the fireworks in a very civilized fashion-- on our street corner with some firemen.

Happy 4th of July!
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