Weekend Recap

Monday, July 25, 2011
Sitting here on Sunday evening, I'm wondering where did the weekend go??  Andy and I both worked late on Friday, so we stayed in, ate some repurposed leftovers (pea pesto with pancetta over pasta).  Despite the heat wave that has parked itself over DC, Andy still played golf on Saturday!  So I took this opportunity to take a road trip with Weaver to Ikea.  I needed picture frames for a mini-project-- a gallery wall in the apartment. Sneak peak of the gallery wall planning...

We managed to escape with very few extra purchases but did leave realizing how under utilized our apartments are.  It's amazing how tastefully and efficiently the fine folks at Ikea can space plan tiny little dwellings.  I did also pick up the large and small Rationell Variera storage shelves for a quick bathroom cabinet organization.

Dramatically different before and after?  Nope, not at all but at least now my hairdryer fits without being precariously balanced on top of the leaning tower of stuff.  I can easily access what I need without taking everything else out.

While most of the weekend was spent trying to get stuff done, we did catch up with some friends over cocktails at Commissary on Saturday evening and I managed to sneak in a spa afternoon with Weaver for some belated birthday celebrating!

Andy and I did tackle some other projects that I think deserve their own posts, so stay tuned!
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