Wine Tracking

Wednesday, July 27, 2011
My love for wine has developed slowly.  In college when everyone was drinking wine, I seemed to prefer whatever mixed drink was being served...even if it did come out of a trash can!

Side Note: Stacy once said (paraphrasing here...) "if I could go back and tell my college-self something, I'd tell her don't drink anything out of a trashcan!"  It always makes me laugh that, yes, we drank punch concoctions that had been mixed up in a giant trash can and didn't think anything of it.  The alcohol kills everything, right??

I started sipping on white wine upon moving to DC but did not have a discerning palate at all and just recently I've started enjoying red wines.  When I taste something, I know if I like it or not, but I've never been good about carrying that knowledge further. Enter Drync Wine (the free version).

You can also see the Wine Ratings app that I tried and didn't like as much.  I like Drync Wine because you can enter as much info about the wine as you like and it stays private.

I mean really, who wants to know my silly comments besides me?  I'm no wine connoisseur and I'm sure what I like isn't what's the most highly rated but that's not the objective here.

You can organize your wines into wines that you have had to drink, that you own or that you want to purchase.  I haven't really used the own and want features but I suspect they would be handy at some point!

So now stop laughing at my silly notes and go out and get this app (and no, nobody at Drync Wine knows who I am or about this post... as if!) and then suggest some wines that I should try.
1 comment on "Wine Tracking"
  1. I love red wine! I want to love white wine for the summer but I just don't like the taste. What kind of red wines have you tried? Any type that you seem to come back to often (cab, merlot, shiraz, etc.)? Maybe I can recommend something to try. Don't be afraid of cheaper wines either ($8-$15/bottle). A lot of my favorites end up being the cheaper ones. My parents are big wine drinkers so Sunday night dinners at their house is great for me to sample wines for free. :-) Then I know what to buy when I go to the store. Is this too much text for a comment? Is this even a comment that I wrote? Maybe I should have emailed you. Haha!