Bookshelves - Before and After

Tuesday, July 5, 2011
So I finally finished the bookshelf styling project.  I use the term "finished" lightly-- is any home decorating project ever really finished?

Most of the same players returned, but I added many more books and the lamps got a facelift.  I did refer back to my inspiration pictures quite a few times as I was rearranging everything.  I definitely realized that it's much easier to style a bookcase if you could go out and buy all new, coordinating accessories and books, but I was doing this project with an as close to $0 budget as possible.

Right after I finished rehabbing the lamps (new, shorter harps and a warm yellow paint job), I found an old to-do list dated November 10, 2010 that said "buy yellow paint and new harps for lamps".  I guess better late than never!

1 comment on "Bookshelves - Before and After"
  1. Glad to see that the shelves and chargers survived the earthquake!