Weekend Recap - Philly and NYC

Tuesday, July 19, 2011
We had quite the weekend trip up to New York, by way of Philly and then back.  The impetus of this trip was to celebrate Virginia and Oliver's engagement at a party on Saturday in NYC. Since we were heading up that way and had yet to meet Miss Kate, AJ and Kelly's newest addition, we decided to tack on a night in Philly to visit them. Friday night started with a bit of excitement...

That's the boys pointing out where the fire started.  See that fire extinguisher in the background?  It's not just for show; it was in fact used in extinguishing the flames that were shooting out of the grill.  Does everyone know where their fire extinguisher is?  Thankfully Kelly was quite prepared and now so am I!  Locating the extinguisher in our building was the first thing I did when I arrived home from the weekend trip.

{ Ooops, those of you that read this on Reader will see that I misfired earlier! }

Do you like your buns toasted?

We had a great stop in Philly-- just wish we had more time to visit and go to the pool! But we had to get started on our trip to NYC.  We stayed up a bit too late on Friday night and were in need of arriving in NYC asap to take a quick nap before the party.  When we arrived at the hotel, The Mondrian, I knew we were in for a little mini-vaca.

I absolutely loved the entry. How awesome would that be to do in a backyard?  On a smaller scale, obviously.  Anyway, the hotel was great and was just what we needed since we were only in town for 22 hours.  Andy pulled closed the black out blinds and climbed into bed while I set out to get some lunch.

Alston pointed me in the direction of an adorable taqueria, La Esquina, which was right around the corner from our hotel.  It was just what the doctor ordered.  I enjoyed looking around and people watching while I waited for our to-go order.  How fun would it have been to sit at the cute counter!?

The reason we picked The Mondrian was because it was the perfect location for our weekend.  We walked to Blair & Luke's adorable apartment for Virg & Oli's party.

The hosts and hostesses did such a fabulous job making it a special celebration!

At the end of the party, the wine was still plentiful so we just stuck around for the post party! We had plans to meet up with some other NYC friends, but instead they just came over to the party.  I mean, why would we want to leave such a fabulous location?  My friends from high school, Meredith and Kyle, along with Mere's husband Steve stopped by for a visit as did Andy's friend from growing up, Vanessa and her friend Mandy.  It was so nice to be able to catch up with everyone.

Thanks hosts and hostesses for a great party.  Congratulations to Virginia & Oliver!  Looking forward to celebrating with y'all in November!

One more stop before we headed back to DC.  I can't believe I had never met Andy's friends from college, John and Ana!  They were kind enough to meet us downtown at Bubby's for breakfast on Sunday morning.  So nice to finally meet them and their little one Nico whose curls were so adorable they just killed me (didn't want to whip out my camera during breakfast the first time I meet someone... at least I try to play it cool).

After breakfast we were energized for our trip back home... NJ Transit out of the city, pick up the car and hit 95-South.  Thankfully it wasn't too bad of a drive.
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