Summer Camp

Thursday, July 28, 2011
Carley, who is technically my goddaughter and first cousin once removed although I sometimes refer to her as my niece for ease of conversation, is all grown up!  I can hardly believe it, but she went off to spend-the-night summer camp this year and not just for one week but for two (at her insistence despite her mother's hopes).  When I think summer camp, I think arts and crafts, swimming, canoeing and care packages!!!  Her camp will making sure she is constantly entertained with a variety of activities, but it's our job to make sure she is showered with love and attention in the form of care packages.  And really, it's just to remind her about us, because I'm sure she's too busy meeting new friends, celebrating Christmas in July, and roasting marshmallows.

A lot has changed since I went to summer camp... Now we can email Carley through the camp's network, read daily updates on the campers' activities, see pictures each day of the day's events and even watch the daily video. But I'm sure something that stays the same is that exciting feeling you get when they call your name during mail call, so I put together two care packages-- one from me and Andy and one from my parents.

Hopefully these will help Carley stay entertained during rest time and most importantly, remind her that we're thinking about her!

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