Thursday, July 7, 2011
I'm in the midst of party planning and crafting in preparation of Andy's joint birthday celebration with Catherine this weekend, and one of the things I've been mentally wrangling is the furniture layout on the rooftop deck.  I need a spot for the bar and a serving area, and there's not enough outdoor furniture on the deck for this and eating.  We have an extra, wooden collapsible table, but it either needs to be refinished (not happening by Saturday!) or a table skirt.  That's when I remembered seeing these great table skirts for collapsible tables.  After a bit of googling, I found them-- tablevogue.

photo from tablevogue - bar
These table skirts are designed for standard collapsible tables (6', 8', and square card tables) and look so polished and crisp!  Unfortunately, the table we have isn't standard size, so I can't use one of these for this occasion.

photo from tablevogue - outdoor entertaining
But you better believe that I'll be ordering up a few of these and buying some standard collapsible tables when we have a house some day.  I think they are just perfect for celebrations and very reasonably priced!  Plus if you ever need a space filler in your house (with storage space underneath!), they even are attractive enough for every day living.

photo from tablevogue - everyday
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