30 Before 30

Monday, May 23, 2011
I decided to make one of the ubiquitous 30 Before 30 lists.  I figured why not?  I love lists, I do great with a deadline and turning 30 is a pretty big deadline (and one I can't push back!).  Finally getting this blog going was in part due to my 30 Before 30 list.  I realized that a few of the items on my list would benefit from having a blog-- maybe not so much flossing (#2) but having a blog will encourage me to work on my photography (#12) and is a step in getting T&V up and running (#6).
  1. Photo Albums - Catch up on old photo albums.  I haven't printed pictures since college.  I want to get my photos organized and into albums... think I'm going to do digital photo books (probably on blurb.com) as opposed to printing pictures and putting them in a book.  More compact this way.
  2. Flossing - I need to become a flosser-- apparently this is important. 
  3. Herb Garden - Start an herb garden and keep it alive!
  4. Marine Parade - Try to go see the Marine Parade.  Think this one is going to have to be replaced as there are no more reservations for 2011!
  5. Pizza - Perfect pizza at home from scratch (this is not going to be a fun process...)
  6. Tallulah & Vidalia - Get T&V up and running. I think starting the blog helps with this one!
  7. 5 a Day - Easily incorporate 5 fruits and veggies into my daily diet.  This is probably easy for most but considering I could live off of any combo of cheese and carbs, not so easy for me.
  8. Random Acts of Thoughtfulness - I used to be much better about this.  Now I just think of things and never follow through.  Time to change.
  9. Get (and stay!) Organized - Financially, craft supplies, kitchen, closet.  I definitely believe that everything should have a place and everything should be in that place, so I need to find a place for everything (or get rid of it).
  10. Time Capsules - Start a tradition of a yearly time capsule with mementos from the year.
  11. (private)
  12. Photography - Practice, practice, practice
  13. Baked Alaska - Make a baked Alaska!  Why?  No real reason... I just want to.
  14. Stop Procrastinating - Self explanatory.
  15. Wines - Start and maintain a like and dislikes list.
  16. (private)
  17. Hair Stylist - Find a hair stylist in DC that I love.  It's hard when the bar is set so high by Stephanie in Dallas, but I think it's time to find someone to supplement in DC.
  18. Segways - Finally do that segway tour of DC!
  19. Accessorize - Clean out my closet and organize so I can easily accessorize each day.
  20. Bike to Mt. Vernon - Going to have to work up to this one.  Andy, this involves you too!
  21. New Recipes - Make a new recipe from one of my cookbooks each week.
  22. Sewing - Take a class or read a book and practice.
  23. Birthdays - SEND BIRTHDAY CARDS!!!
  24. Reach out to family more frequently
  25. CPA - Get licensed!!!
  26. House Hunting - Start checking off the tasks of what must get done before we can start actually looking at houses and buy one!
  27. Constantly Question Myself - "Is this really what I want to be doing?"  If the answer is no, then CHANGE IT!  (this applies to a lot of things... daily activities like when I'm sucked into Facebook and don't want to be and more life long ones)
  28. A Thought a Day Journal - Start and maintain. 
  29. Scan Pics - Finish scanning pictures. 
  30. Develop skin care routine
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