Weekend Recap

Monday, February 27, 2012
We packed a lot into this weekend, yet I have very few pictures to show from it. Andy took me to the Caps hockey game on Friday, which I always love.  I'm sure he'd much rather enjoy the game with one of his guy friends who doesn't always say "icing!" because that's the only call they know (guilty). But I always love going to the games, and when the it's over, I always get a crepe outside at the little crepe stand-- perfection.

I worked on Saturday and then had the crazy idea to have a little dinner party that night. With 2 hours to prepare, there was only one option-- take out.  Thankfully there's a spot up the street that's delicious albeit it kind of random. They've got great kabobs and Mediterranean mezze. All I had to do was replate it.

Mom and Dad came over for dinner and thankfully Meredith and Mike, Stacy and Eric could join us on such late notice.  It's nice to remember that you don't always have to cook everything from scratch (or anything at all!) to have a fun dinner party.
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