Living Room Love

Monday, February 20, 2012
My design taste is definitely evolving but sometimes I feel like I'm stuck because I don't know what I like!  I definitely know what I don't like but if I had to pull together a living room right now, I'd be paralyzed by indecision.  Thankfully, that's not a problem I have right now.

Here are some images that inspire me but see what I mean... light, white and airy, or layered and full of bold colors.


An Unabashedly Romantic Home by Windsor Smith // House Beautiful // Photo by Victoria Pearson // link

Photographer: Simon Upton // Designer: Sig Bergamin // Featured in: A Pattern-Packed Pied-à-Terre // Elle Decor Issue: December 2010 // link

Louise Brooks' Home // Architecture: Louise Brooks of Brooks and Falotico // Interior design: Lynn Morgan // Photos: Tria Giovan // New England Home's Connecticut Summer 2011 // link

Jenn Lamarre's Charlotte Ranch // Featured in Charlotte Home + Garden // Photo by Chris Edwards // link

Noe Valley Flat by Redmond Aldrich // link

Ashley Goforth Design // link
2 comments on "Living Room Love"
  1. I 100% understand what you mean! I often wonder if the way I decorate my home is actually the style that I would be most happy living in on a day to day basis. I would never go for a minimalist look but wonder if I would love the clean atmosphere? Oh the problems we have...=)

  2. I know Cookie! There is something so serene about a white and neutral room but color just makes me happy (albeit maybe a little jumpy!). xo