Getting into a Groove

Thursday, February 16, 2012
Well, nothing like a week of unplanned silence?  A dear friend said "I see your blog as a busy season barometer and when you're not posting, I'm worried that you're drowning."  I was so touched by her concern!  The thing is, this busy season has been quite manageable thus far.  I'm bracing for it to hit, but in the meantime, trying to focus on getting my work done, spending time with Andy (who has in the past become a tax-season-widower) and having some mindless downtime.

I'm like a baby-- I crave routine.  I feel like I'm getting into the busy season groove and finding my routine, so hopefully regular blogging will come next.  Andy's out of town this weekend, so I plan to spend Sunday on the sofa, in my jammies, eating crackers and cheese for every meal and catching up on the blog which makes me so happy.  Hopefully come Monday, I'll be ready to tackle the work week, to post regularly and of course, I'll be very happy to have Andy home.

In the meantime, here are some snap shots of our Supper Club Valentine's Day celebration last week.. girls dinner with homemade pasta (yum!) and ice your own cookies!

2 comments on "Getting into a Groove"
  1. I am beyond impressed by SG's make your own pasta!! wow.

    glad you're back! i've been worried too! :)

  2. Thanks Emily! I can hardly take ANY credit for the pasta-- it was all Stacy!