New Week, New Look

Sunday, February 19, 2012
At the risk of giving myself carpal tunnel syndrome, I spent most of Sunday at the computer spiffing up the blog!  For those of you that read this via email or a reader, it went from this:

to this:

I've been wanting to change up the blog look for a while but other blog design projects took priority.  Since creating this blog, I've done three other designs for friends and have learned so much.  Then I got jealous... their blogs look so much better than mine!  So I decided that since I had the day to myself, I could spend it at the computer giving T&V a little facelift.  Is this the end of it?  Oooooooohhh no!!  There are definitely lots of tweaks I want to do but I was happy enough with my progress to go ahead and make it live.  Please let me know if something's acting quirky... I'm definitely still learning as I go!

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