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Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Remember my 30 Before 30?  Well, I remember it mainly because I wasn't even CLOSE to checking everything off the list!  One of those items was to develop a skin care routine.  I might not have made the 30th Birthday deadline (self-imposed I might add) but I do have a routine now.
My mom gave me a Clarisonic a couple of years ago. I was a pretty regular user but then it just started collecting dust. Now it's back in daily rotation and I don't see it going anywhere any time soon. It prepares your skin perfectly for all of the lotions and potions.

Cotton Clouds the best cotton pads. You don't know what you're missing until you try these. Mom always bought these at our local drug store growing up (shout out to Beemon's) but now that we're not in Jackson anymore, I'm happy to know you can order them straight from the manufacturer.

Kiehl's Eye Make-up Remover is hands down the best.  It's not oily, it's not runny, you can use a cotton pad or just your fingers.  It gets off every last bit of eye make-up, which my friends know is essential for me.  It's perfect.

A few months ago, I went back in time and started using Purpose Cleansing Wash.  The very subtle smell took me straight back to middle school.  And even though that might not have been the best years of my life, this face wash is something good from that time.

Olay Complete has been my daytime moisturizer of choice for years.  I still use it every day but when I'm out in the sun more (as in, it's not busy season or winter), I also like Elta MD UV Daily that has SPF and Zinc so it provides more sun protection.  Both are lightweight moisturizers though so they're perfect year round for my pretty normal skin.

My nighttime routine is what's always been lacking.  Usually the routine was get in bed.  Yep, I was not a regular face washer at night.  But now that I can actually tell the difference in my skin's texture, I can officially say, I'm a night time face washer (most nights, that is).  My potion combination is La Roche-Posay Redermic R Anti-Aging Treatment Intensive, followed by Olay Professional ProX Eye Restoration Complex, and finally Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream.
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  1. I have been using Purpose Lotion for my day moisterizer since 7th grade. works great and has SPF of 15 so I am covered everyday.