Food Scale

Tuesday, February 21, 2012
Another kitchen gadget that we all need... a kitchen scale!  Yes, it's that exciting that it deserves an exclamation point.  I received this as a bridal shower gift from two dear friends.  Some people might find it odd but I was ecstatic.

I use our scale probably everyday.  I find it the easiest way to make smoothies-- place the blender pitcher on the scale, zero it out, add an ingredient, zero, next ingredient, zero, etc.  No messing up lots of measuring utensils but I still get my proportions right.  For some reason, I cannot eyeball it when it comes to making smoothies.  I either end up with enough to feed the entire building, or not enough for the two of us.

And as you can see above, I use it all the time to portion food.  Who would ever think that's all the nuts you get in one serving?  Well, it is.  The numbers don't lie.

It also comes in handy when making pasta... another thing I can't eyeball and I refuse to buy the unitasker kitchen devise that measures your angel hair pasta based on different size circles.  I mean, what if you want penne??

So go forth and buy a food scale... I love my OXO model (and no, OXO does not know I'm writing this... just saying it because I genuinely love it.)
1 comment on "Food Scale"
  1. So glad I am not the only one who uses a food scale all the time. It really does help with portion control!