Hanging Plates

Wednesday, August 24, 2011
I'm not a big collector of things.  I have a very sentimental and treasured collection of Christmas boxes that my godmother gave me throughout my childhood. I love getting each of them out during the holidays and admiring the little details. But other than that, collections aren't my thing unless you consider my obsession with china patterns a collection.  One day, Andy was saying something about my love for china, and I defended myself by saying "I collect it!"  It seemed to give some legitimacy to my obsession (maybe I should collect jewelry as well!).

I absolutely adore china.  And thankfully, not only is is pretty, but also it has a purpose. The first china pattern that I started collecting was Kate Spade Rutherford Circle and Madison Square.  I asked for it as a college graduation present, and I continue to collect it (getting pretty tricky since some is discontinued).  While I definitely use each of our china patterns, when I saw this vignette by Angie Hranowsky using Rutherford Circle and Madison Square plates, I realized that maybe one day it would be fun to display part of my collection.

Angie Hranowsky - Tremont Blvd
Another pretty display:

Martha Stewart Online // Decorating by Color > Neutral Rooms

One thing I do know is that whenever I do hang plates, I will be using these adhesive plate hangers from Container Store.

They're great!  Not only are they hidden, but also they don't damage your plates.  And I can attest to their strength-- I used these to hold up the pewter chargers that are hanging with my newly decorated book shelves.

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