San Francisco - Day Two in Snap Shots

Friday, August 5, 2011
Who knew San Francisco was so hilly? Well it is, and our legs are not letting us forget. I think walking was the theme of San Francisco. It was so glorious to be able to walk everywhere we needed to go (whether because we wanted to walk or because we didn't want to wait in line for the trolley car) without dripping in sweat. After a couple of days in San Francisco we both decided that we could get used to this weather.

Surveying the Golden Gate before we walked across it.

And here we go. This is before I started feeling motion sick.

We made it across and then enjoyed the charming town of Sausalito! Nice to be on solid ground even if it was just for a few minutes before we hopped on the ferry back to San Francisco.

Just a ride by Alcatraz.

Nice thing about walking everywhere? You get to see things that would otherwise be skipped.

Then it was CalTrain to Palo Alto.

And meeting up with friends for the wedding weekend!

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- UPDATE: After looking at this post on my computer, I realized the picture quality was horrendous.  Fixed that.  Learning about this blogging on the go!
2 comments on "San Francisco - Day Two in Snap Shots"
  1. Looks like yall are having fun in CA!!

  2. I liked the picture quality actually! Thought you did it on purpose. They had a vintagey look to them that I liked!!