Back to Life, Back to Reality

Monday, August 15, 2011
Today it's back to reality, but before then I'm going to relive the family vacation to the beach.  Andy and I got there a little late because of our trip to California, but that didn't mean we escaped our cooking duties!

It was grilled beef and chicken kabobs with our new favorite summer salad, couscous and mozzarella cheese bread (recipe to come).

This was the first time I made mozzarella cheese bread for Andy's family, and it was a huge hit.  It's so sinful that it really should only be eaten once a year, but maybe I'll bring it back out for the holidays.

Hap bought a paddle board and was kind enough to let the family try it out.  It was quite entertaining both to watch and to try.

We had a crab feast.  Of course, I preferred the cheddarbrats.

There was family bingo.  I had quite the dud card... ended up eating more of the markers than using them on my card.

And one night, instead of hitting the boardwalk, we went to Motorworld.  Quite entertaining for the 2 year old!

Let me onto that train!!!!!

No TV won this time...

It was a great family vacation... wish I was still sitting on the beach (under the umbrella, of course).
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