Weekend Wrap Up - West Coast Style

Tuesday, August 9, 2011
So keeping up with the blog and life has proven harder than I anticipated.  But it's probably a good lesson in time management and staying on top of things.  In high school, the yearbook sponsor wrote in my review (I guess when I was editor? Don't really remember the specifics or how I read it as I'm sure it was supposed to be confidential) that I was very detail oriented and organized but sometimes had a hard time finishing tasks.  11 years later that still sticks with me.  It's something I have to consciously stay on top of as evidenced by the piles of clean laundry that just don't quite make it into my closet (isn't that what the guest bed is for?), and the 11 draft posts that I've started when I had an idea but never finished writing.  So there were no scheduled posts while I was gone.  Oops!  First the recap of our wonderful trip to Cali and then we'll be back to regularly scheduled (scheduled being the key word!) programming, with some vacation (yes we went from one vacation to another... pretty darn lucky) updates mixed in!
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