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Wednesday, August 10, 2011
I get asked frequently what are my favorite blogs (this usually comes after I gush about how wonderful Google Reader is and question people's sanity who don't use it).  I currently have 176 subscriptions in my reader.  Yep, you read that correctly.  176 subscriptions, but it's not as crazy as it seems... some of those are no longer functioning (as in it moved to a new address and I didn't delete the old... this would drive Andy crazy, he who deletes instead of archives his gmails, or the blogger just stopped blogging... gotta make sure I'm alerted if Pete ever bakes again), one of those is Tallulah and Vidalia (gotta make sure the feed is functioning properly!), a good handful are my friends' and family's twitter feeds and picasa web album pages or blogs (goes without saying that my favorite are those of my family and friends), multiple feeds for house hunting (always the first to know thanks to Redfin!). Then there are the rest-- out of those, these are the ones that I get giddy when I see an unread item in my reader, the ones that I never "mark as read".

I'm dividing this post into two posts... enjoy these today and the rest tomorrow! If you click on the picture, it will take you to the blog.

Left Picture // Right Picture
I can definitely learn a thing or two about accessorizing from Blair!

Left Picture // Right Picture
I love Kendi's outfits especially because I feel like they are combinations that I would and should wear.

Top Picture // Bottom Picture
I've been reading Deb's posts for about as long as I've been reading blogs.  It was definitely her pictures that pulled me in but her recipes have kept me as a loyal reader.  I will be happy when her book is finished and hope she returns to blogging as her priority.

Top Picture // Bottom Picture
Dinner: A Love Story is relatively new to me.  I look forward to their recipes but truly enjoy their writing style and their stories.  You must read the post that's pictured on top above.

Top Picture // Bottom Picture by Marla Carter
I've been reading Erika's blog for as long as I've been reading blogs.  I definitely love the beautiful interiors that she designs, but really I am a loyal reader for her life posts and that precious little girl!

Top Picture // Bottom Picture
Darby is Erika's twin sister, and I "met" her after Erika posted a picture of Darby's precious kids.  Darby doesn't post very frequently (she does have 3 little ones!) but when she does, it definitely gets my immediate attention.

Top Picture // Bottom Picture
Joanna has lots of great tidbits and finds.. can you believe that's a public pool outside of Austin?  She's also has some quick tutorials, and I've enjoyed her Motherhood Monday series even though I'm no where close to being a mom. And then there is her precious baby boy, Toby.

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