Weekend Update: Successes & Failures

Monday, November 7, 2011
Well, this weekend was a mix of successes-- we successfully tied Andy's bow tie!

And failures-- my attempt at a Baked Alaska. Ha!

Thankfully there were more successes than failures, as I did succeed in finding my go-to pizza crust recipe which I'll share tomorrow.

The weekend started off in the usual fashion-- dinner at the bar of Town Hall.  That's where you can find us most Friday nights, and I love the little routine that we have.  We sit at the bar, leisurely eat our dinner, enjoy a cocktail/glass of wine, and then we're out before the place really gets going for the night.  The bartenders know us, we have a "usual" and it's just the perfect wind down to a work week.

We mixed things up a bit on Saturday by taking a mini-getaway to Herndon-- the Westin airport hotel to be exact.  Not a destination that we would choose for ourselves, but we had an event to attend for Andy's work on Saturday night. Since we were making the trek out there, we decided that we might as well stay for the night.  What hooked me was the breakfast in bed!

The event was for a wonderful, charitable cause so it was well worth the overnight. "Learn to tie the bow tie" has been our to-do list for a while now.  Last weekend my dad came to the rescue before Blair & Luke's Wedding when the "instruction booklet" that we had sent our heads spinning.  We turned to You Tube and this video was just what we needed.  First time after watching, success!  Funny enough, when we went downstairs to meet up with a coworker before the event, her husband also watched that same video before tying his bow tie!

On Sunday, I decided to cross two things off the to-do list: Pizza & Baked Alaska.  Well, let's say the pizza was a success and the Baked Alaska was a humorous experiment.  I went the semi-homemade route using pound cake (not the traditional chiffon cake) and Breyer's chocolate ice cream. I did make the meringue but that didn't matter in the end as it went up in flames!  As I declared, "we have a fire situation".  Turns out you better watch the meringue!  It was literally under the broiler for less than 3 minutes. Oh well, it still tasted pretty good after you removed the charred covering.

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