Wednesday, November 9, 2011
I never really had a shopping list system.  I'd either go to the grocery without a list and inevitably buy items that we definitely didn't need and forget the items that we did need (hello 3 containers of cream of tarter and no toilet paper).  Enter ZipList.  This service, website, app is amazing (and free!).

The low down.  You have an account which will automatically sync your online activity and the activity on your iPhone (or Android).  You can share that list with others so if they add something to the shopping list, it's on the list when you go to the grocery.  There's also a recipes part of ZipList which means you can clip and save recipes that you enjoy to ZipList (or type in your own).  Then when you're ready to make those recipes, it's one click to add the ingredients that you need (and not the ones you don't) to your shopping list!

Why I love it.  I love that either of us can add things to the list at any point in time.  Run out of parchment paper? Add it to the list (I mean, my phone or computer is never more than one step away from me... let's be honest).  Then it's there when you go to the store.  It makes grocery shopping easier as well since it automatically groups items by their location.  Plus, if you spend a little extra time and customize your store, it will list the aisles in the order of your store.  No more walking back and forth against traffic!  After you check something off your list, it moves into your "basket".

So if you're looking for a way to make grocery shopping more efficient, I say this is your solution!  There are plenty of other features that I haven't explored but I'm sure would make things even easier!

Just to be clear, ZipList does not know anything about T&V or this little review.  I just genuinely like the application/service!
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  1. OMG you might have just changed my grocerying life. Downloading as we speak (or type)...