I Ate Tongue (but did not know it)

Thursday, November 3, 2011
A few weeks ago while Andy was opening the mail, his eyes widened and he said wow, we're going to Komi thanks to Ben.  Wow was right.  It's one of the, if not the, top rated restaurants in DC.  Obviously my first thought was how thoughtful and generous (Ben was a best man in our wedding), but not far after that was a feeling of fear.  I'm a finicky eater.  I mean just a few nights ago I went out of my comfort zone (the zone of meat and potatoes) and ordered fish at Restaurant Eve and then freaked out when it was served with skin and eyes.  Thankfully I was dining with my dad and swapped our plates (he had a ribeye) while he was in the restroom.

With all of that said, I was so excited for our date night.  It's a Wednesday night, how could I not be excited for something fun and different?  Well it could not have been more enjoyable, enlightening and memorable.  Thank you Ben for this opportunity and thank you Ben for getting Andy to drink wine!  By course #2, Andy was drinking wine and had eaten caviar and raw fish.  For y'all that don't know Andy, he doesn't drink wine (he prefers bourbon, on the rocks) and he doesn't eat seafood.

Right as we sat down, our server eased my anxiety.  He asked if there were foods that we didn't eat (uh, where do I start?) to which I answered "I'm a very mental eater so it's probably best that I don't know what I'm eating".  He did an amazing job testing my limits while still making it an amazing experience.  We started with a steamed brioche bun topped with caviar, then it was two types of fish-- one raw and one barely seared.  I'm proud to say there wasn't a bite left of either (helps that there were only three bites total for each of us!).  Then we had a pear and anchovy salad, gnocchi with cod and crispy capers, a spanakopita explosion bite.  At this point we were easing into the heavier courses.  Next up was Komi's take on the DC Half Smoke which was delicious.  Following that was a pork belly skewer and then there was the tongue.  Not only was there tongue but also fois gras.  This was definitely the course where our server was stretching our limits.  He placed down the plate, gave us the name of the dish, smiled and walked away.  It wasn't until later when we heard him describing it to the table behind us that we realized!  I must say, we enjoyed the tongue (it was hardly noticeable as it was shaved and sandwiched between layers of crepes... it was served as a deconstructed gyro), but I was not too pleased with the fois gras.  For the main dish, we devoured our veal shank with sides of Greek sauces and accoutrements and unbelievable homemade pita. The sweets started next-- cheddar gelato?  Wow.  There was an apple filled phyllo puff with cheddar gelato, carrot coconut cornbread and some chocolates with peanutbutter and caramel to finish.

I realize this post might be akin to those Facebook status updates where someone is telling you what they ate for lunch.  But considering we ate tongue and raw fish, Andy finished 2 glasses of wine and we enjoyed a 2.5 hour plus dinner on a Wednesday night, I say it's blog worthy.  More than blog worthy.
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