Weekend Recap - Mobile, AL

Tuesday, November 15, 2011
Last weekend, we headed to Mobile, Alabama to celebrate Virginia and Oliver's wedding!  Neither Andy nor I had ever been to Mobile so we did a little exploring on Friday.  It was the perfect, southern fall weekend with clear skies and warm air.  We drove across the Mobile Bay and then went to Fairhope, Alabama which is a very cute town with lots of shops and a little park on the water.

Then we met up with everyone for the party after rehearsal dinner.  It was in a neat, old club in downtown Mobile and there was a great band who played quite the extended version of Proud Mary.  I was obviously very happy with that.

On Saturday, we joined the bride for a picnic at a beautiful home in the Mobile Garden District.  I just love visiting homes and seeing how people entertain.

This home was beautiful and I especially loved the backyard.  After I spotted their lemon tree I told Andy that I wanted one.  Then followed up that in our climate, a lemon tree wouldn't thrive so maybe we need a greenhouse.  And I don't really have a green thumb (more of a black thumb), so probably need a gardener as well.  So, add that to the list of "house wants".  We better get to house hunting before this list gets much longer!

After enjoying the delicious lunch (and even more delicious berry crumble bars), it was nap time before the wedding!  Virginia grew up in Mobile in a historic home that has been in her family for generations (I hope I've not misspoken here).  It's in downtown Mobile which is not very residential.  To accommodate the grand celebration, the street in front of her home was blocked off and the promenade next to her house was used.  It was quite the unique setting!

We had such a good time-- the food was amazing and the band was quite entertaining!

Sadly I did not get a picture of the beautiful bride. Hmph.

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  1. Dying to know what has grabbed Will and Adam's attention... that is hysterical!