Facing Reality - 30 Days Until I'm 30

Friday, October 21, 2011
I was trying to think of anything else to write about today in an attempt to deny the fact that my 30th birthday is in 30 days.  Am I having issues with turning 30?  No! Bring it!  But I'm a little embarrassed by the complete lack of progress that I've made on my 30 before 30.  Maybe I can just add one more and make it 31 before 31?  But I guess that would be a complete violation of #14- Stop Procrastinating.  Oh well, here's my update.

  1. Photo Albums - Catch up on old photo albums.  I haven't printed pictures since college.  I want to get my photos organized and into albums... think I'm going to do digital photo books (probably on blurb.com) as opposed to printing pictures and putting them in a book.  More compact this way. --> Hmmm... no progress made.  Maybe a good winter project?
  2. Flossing - I need to become a flosser-- apparently this is important. --> Failure.  Why can't I be a flosser?
  3. Herb Garden - Start an herb garden and keep it alive! --> I'm going to go ahead and scratch this off the list and consider it accomplished!  "Planted" about 2 months ago and still alive and thriving.  So that was my July update and to be completely honest, they're all dead now.  Ha!
  4. Marine Parade - Try to go see the Marine Parade.  Think this one is going to have to be replaced as there are no more reservations for 2011!  This one is being replaced as there are no more 2011 reservations.  I'm replacing it with a matter of business which is Completing My Name Change.  While I am official according to the DC Courts, Social Security & DMV, I still need to have everyone else (credit cards, bank accounts, frequent flier accounts which I hear is the worst!) process my new name. --> I'm doing a pretty good job with this one as most all of the important accounts except for one bank account are DONE!  
  5. Pizza - Perfect pizza at home from scratch (this is not going to be a fun process...) --> How have we not made pizza at all???  Andy, get ready for pizza overload.
  6. Tallulah & Vidalia - Get T&V up and running. I think starting the blog helps with this one! --> I'm pretty satisfied with this.  So let's say DONE!  I've had a steady stream of work and I continue to learn something new every day.  Definitely room for improvement but with my other commitments right now, I'd say I'm happy with how this has evolved.
  7. 5 a Day - Easily incorporate 5 fruits and veggies into my daily diet.  This is probably easy for most but considering I could live off of any combo of cheese and carbs, not so easy for me.  --> Hmmm... Does it count that I add frozen peas to whatever I can?  See this, this and this.
  8. Random Acts of Thoughtfulness - I used to be much better about this.  Now I just think of things and never follow through.  Time to change. --> Always room for improvement.
  9. Get (and stay!) Organized - Financially, craft supplies, kitchen, closet.  I definitely believe that everything should have a place and everything should be in that place, so I need to find a place for everything (or get rid of it). --> Work still in progress although I'm feeling pretty good (I hear Andy laughing now).  Besides my closet, things are pretty much in their proper place and not just stashed.
  10. Time Capsules - Start a tradition of a yearly time capsule with mementos from the year. --> Blog = Time Capsule = Done.
  11. (private) Making progress!
  12. Photography - Practice, practice, practice --> Practicing yes, but still need lots of work.
  13. Baked Alaska - Make a baked Alaska!  Why?  No real reason... I just want to. --> Never did this. Are Baked Alaskas seasonal?  Maybe I should have a Pizza and Baked Alaska party.
  14. Stop Procrastinating - Self explanatory.
  15. Wines - Start and maintain a like and dislikes list. --> Done.  See my preferred tracking app here.
  16. (private)
  17. Hair Stylist - Find a hair stylist in DC that I love.  It's hard when the bar is set so high by Stephanie in Dallas, but I think it's time to find someone to supplement in DC. --> I'm overdue for a haircut but do think I've found a lady I like.  Too bad she's in Fairfax... although that is closer than Dallas (just a bit).
  18. Segways - Finally do that segway tour of DC! --> Still open... Thinking maybe this Sunday but maybe not as other plans seems to have taken over!
  19. Accessorize - Clean out my closet and organize so I can easily accessorize each day .--> Clean out closet, check! Organization still needs to happen.  
  20. Bike to Mt. Vernon - Going to have to work up to this one.  Andy, this involves you too! --> Bikes are in a storage unit (and had about an inch of dust and flat tires when we finally moved them), so I'm going to go ahead and declare this one a failure.
  21. New Recipes - Make a new recipe from one of my cookbooks each week. --> While I don't cook a new recipe each week, I'd say I probably average that considering some weeks I cook lots of new recipes.  So I'm happy with this progress.
  22. Sewing - Take a class or read a book and practice. --> Definitely open.  Don't think I've taken out my sewing machine in 6+ months.  Maybe I have too many hobbies...
  23. Birthdays - SEND BIRTHDAY CARDS!!! --> "August... august it is!"  That's what I said in July.  If you have an August birthday and didn't receive a card, don't take it personally.  It never happened.  Maybe November?  
  24. Reach out to family more frequently --> Hi family!
  25. CPA - Get licensed!!! --> Well, I'm officially licensed in Delaware.  Unfortunately, I only go to Delaware to see family and spend too much money at the JCrew outlet.  So, that's not doing me much good.
  26. House Hunting - Start checking off the tasks of what must get done before we can start actually looking at houses and buy one! --> I think we're moving in the right direction. This has definitely been placed on the back burner as neither of us have the urge to move out of our wonderful apartment building.  Hi neighbors!
  27. Constantly Question Myself - "Is this really what I want to be doing?"  If the answer is no, then CHANGE IT!  (this applies to a lot of things... daily activities like when I'm sucked into Facebook and don't want to be and more life long ones) --> I've definitely been doing this which has saved countless wasted time on Facebook.
  28. A Thought a Day Journal - Start and maintain.  --> I think this blog is serving as my Thought a Day... I bought the journal but didn't keep it up, at all.  So let's mark this as accomplished.  Blogging is my thought every few days journal.
  29. Scan Pics - Finish scanning pictures.  --> Still open for some lingering pics, especially the really old ones which aren't necessary to complete #1.
  30. Develop skin care routine --> Still open on this one as well although I have consistently been using Olay ProX and like it.
4 comments on "Facing Reality - 30 Days Until I'm 30"
  1. So inspiring. . . and has me thinking of a 40 before 40 list. . but then again I am never turning 40 so we will see. Keep at it girl!

  2. I have an idea for #31: Throw out the list and just do what you can/will/want each day. Life is long. :)

  3. OMG, I have so many comments for you, where do I start? I'm emailing you so that your other blog followers don't think I'm crazy...:)

  4. And your email made my day!!!!! xoxo