Blue Plate Oysterette & Tim Clarke Design

Wednesday, October 5, 2011
While we were in California, we took one of the bride's suggestions and dined at the Blue Plate Oysterette right on Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica.  It was delightful!  So delightful that Mom and Dad ate there twice.  The food was quite fresh and delicious, but what really won me over was the interior.

Photos via Blue Plate Oysterette's Website
Unfortunately, there aren't many pictures of the interior on their website (says pictures coming soon), but I did read on their menu who did the interior: Tim Clarke Interior Design. Upon coming home (did I ever mention that we didn't have internet on the flight there or back?! How archaic!), I googled up Mr. Clarke and fell in love with his work.  Check out some of my favorites below and much much more in his portfolio.

3 comments on "Blue Plate Oysterette & Tim Clarke Design"
  1. Oh nice! now I might have to re-do my house. love all the chandeliers.

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