iPhone Pics Recap

Thursday, October 20, 2011
What in the world did we do before iPhones?  Yep, I'm that addicted. Granted, I've always loved a personal digital assistant (is the term PDA even around any more?).  I was that dork that got my first Palm PDA as a high school graduation present and loved it.  Had a Treo as my phone when people were only using them for business, not personal, and then got the iPhone as soon as they were released thanks to sweet Andy.  But for real, it's amazing how the pictures in my iPhone photo library capture what I've been up to.

I bought the Pixie Pants and I love them.   Hands down, I could wear them every day.  Here's a pic in the dressing room.  Thank goodness our JCrew carried the short length as baggie ankles aren't cute.

We got an AppleTV and it's amazing.  With our photos mostly digital these days, I rarely go back and look through them.  Well, not any more!  I use our TV now to play music when I'm hanging out in the apartment and the screen saver is a random slide show.  It's quite distracting especially when precious little baby pics pop up!

For a few weeks there, I was getting to work pretty early.  Kind of depressing when you leave for work and it's still dark outside, but the amazing sunrises that I saw made it a bit more tolerable.

And while I hate my long commute to and from work, there are a few redeeming aspects... it gives me time to chat on the phone (hands free, of course) and if I need it, it gives me time to decompress in old-school fashion-- driving, left foot up, windows down and blaring the Gourds Gin & Juice on repeat.  Takes me right back to 1998.

Andy is in a pool for season tickets for the Caps which I get the benefit of as well!  Our first game was quite an exciting one... overtime, then a shoot-out and the Caps won!

Also exciting was the celebrity fan... Pat Sajak.  See him front row, second from the left?  Can't miss that hair!

And then there's the random photo of toilet cleaning brushes that I took to send to Sara Jane.  I tell you, these things make cleaning the toilet painless.  And now I'm spreading the love to the blog world.

Lastly, something that made me smile and tear up (in a good way!).  The most thoughtful thank you gift...

I am the one that should be thanking Joanna & Glenn for letting us have Penny's full attention for a few hours!  Sweet Joanna heard me say that I missed the Missoni madness at Target because I worked too late the night before to get there early the next morning.  All I wanted was the Missoni hair clips and guess what I have now?  Now all I need is a deep freeze for some of the yummy recipes from the Best Make-Ahead cookbook.

And there you have it, a walk through the last couple of weeks.  I need to remember to do this more often as I take random pics on the iPhone but rarely look back at them.
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