No Jeans!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011
In a couple of weeks, Andy and I are travelling to LA for a wedding.  I've never been to LA so I'm quite excited even though we'll only be there for less than 48 hours.  Of course, the first thing that came to mind was "what am I going to wear all weekend"?  And to complicate matters, where we're staying has a no denim policy.  After that all computed in my head (no jeans on the airplane), I decided that a shopping trip is in my future.

Left: J Crew // Right: Zara

Shopping List

Unfortunately a $1,171 shopping outing is not in my future but luckily we're heading to the beach soon and maybe I can find some comparables at the outlets!
5 comments on "No Jeans!"
  1. love it all, Cam! so fun! ps - have just found your blog. how have i not know about this? I added you to reader and am enjoying it so far! miss you guys!!! :)

  2. The J Crew Pixie pants are a must have!!!! I own several pairs and live in them!! xoxo


  3. Mitch-- aren't those earrings fab? I've been loving on them for a while. Probably should just pull the trigger and purchase.

    Emily-- So glad you found T&V and welcome! We miss you up in DC!!

    Amelia-- Done and done. I think I meant to purchase them last year but forgot. Maybe during my lunch break? (one of the only good things about working in the 'burbs is the mall is right down the road!).

  4. Where is this place that doesn't allow jeans???? BUT, it is really nice to now have an excuse to purchase new clothes :)