A Living Room for Inspiration

Wednesday, September 28, 2011
Andy asked me recently "is that the only website that you go to?"  Can you guess what I was perusing?  Pinterest.  I'm definitely addicted.  I pin, pin, pin, pin, pin, but when I try to pull anything together, I freeze.  So to challenge myself, I've decided to start creating inspiration boards that are complete rooms.  Well almost complete, every room would benefit from a little fluffing by my mom!  Hopefully by the time we buy a house, and I can decorate for real, I'll be able to pull together a room of things I love without feeling paralyzed with indecision.

So here's my first go at it.  A stylish, while still homey living room. 

Click Image for Larger View

It's hard for me to push "publish" because I keep thinking, it needs a little something else.  Hence the being paralyzed.  But this is a learning exercise, and I guess y'all are around for the ride!
2 comments on "A Living Room for Inspiration"
  1. Looks great, Cam!! I need you to help me decorate my apartment! :)

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