Weekend Recap

Monday, September 26, 2011
We had such a fun weekend, but oh how our definition of fun has changed!  Joanna, one of my closest friends from college, and her husband Glenn and baby Penny came up to the east coast for the weekend. Glenn was a groomsman in a wedding for one of his close college friends and the wedding was in Rehoboth Beach, DE.  Somehow we all put all the facts together-- Joanna & Glenn had a wedding in Rehoboth but what about the baby, Andy's aunt and uncle have a house there, Andy & I didn't have plans that weekend and coordinated a wonderful weekend thanks to the generosity of Andy's aunt and uncle for letting us stay at their house.

On Friday, we were off as one big happy family.  It was hard to capture the scene but we were packed to the gills with baby gear and people.

Penny was the perfect traveler, and we had an easy trip to the beach.  Glenn did the rehearsal dinner thing on Friday while the rest of us stayed home.  It was time for Andy & me to attempt to get an idea of what we were to do the next night when Penny was our responsibility.  But with a face like this, how could it be that difficult?

Penny's got the vacationing thing down.  She loves it and it shows!  Unfortunately, the weather was a bit dreary on Saturday so there wasn't any beach time.  Instead we filled the day with a trip to the coffee shop, quick walk down the boardwalk and a brief visit to the pub where Penny got to meet a few of Glenn's college friends.  Then it was wedding time.

Andy & I dropped off Joanna at the wedding and drove off with the baby asleep in the backseat.  We decided to seize the opportunity and hit up the outlet mall.

Sorry, I cut off your head, Andy!  But at least you can see he's smiling.
Penny was so well behaved (i.e. sleeping) that we did some serious damage at not one but three stores!  All night, we kept her mom updated on our activities and behavior (smiles, smiles and more smiles).  She was quite the little doll.

Unfortunately the weekend had to come to an end, so we packed up and made a pit stop in DC before heading to the airport.  I think both the boys and Penny enjoyed a little NFL time.

After giving the little snuggle bug one last hug, Andy and I finished the weekend with Oreo milkshakes for dinner, proving that we are not quite responsible enough to have a kid of our own quite yet.

3 comments on "Weekend Recap"
  1. I love yall for the oreo milkshake dinner!!! Sounds like such a fun weekend :-)

  2. I hadn't checked in on the blog in a while and am just now seeing this post! Cam and Andy are the absolute best - can you imagine volunteering to drive to the beach with a 3-month-old and babysit?! Seriously, the nicest friends ever. Penny loved Cam Cam, and I'm still impressed with Andy's dad skills. He disappeared discreetly to go get the car parked closer to us while we aimlessly wandered 30 minutes away down the beach streets! Thank y'all!!