Master Bath - Before & Progress

Friday, April 12, 2013
More than one person have mentioned that the "before" pics of the hall bath "aren't that bad". My dad told me "you're never going to be hired to take 'before' pictures because they look too good". See, I was so excited about the new house, and making sure I documented this transformation that I got really into the before pics. I rented a wide angle lens for my camera, used my tripod and took my time taking the pictures. Well since then, my tripod is covered in dust, the rental lens was returned, and day to day life is consumed by moving, tax season, getting settled and now baby! So the progress shots definitely aren't shining! I guess that will have to wait until the "afters".

In the meantime, let's take a look into our master bath. While it is our master bath since it's off the master bedroom, it's hardly the size of what you'd consider a master bath at a whopping 4' x 7' (that's tiny, FYI). We removed what I called the "torture tub" as it was less than 4' long yet quite deep. Just bizarre. Yes, in a true "what's right for the space" decision, we would have gone with a pedestal sink for space and visual purposes, but we needed a vanity so we squeezed one in. Ok, enough with the chatter...

I could go on and on about this bathroom and I certainly will when I share "afters" but I could spend all day in that shower.
1 comment on "Master Bath - Before & Progress"
  1. Love the tile in the shower!! Wish I had used it in our master bath! xoxo