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Wednesday, April 10, 2013
So on Saturday, March 23 I started this post...
I'm currently sitting in bed, watching HGTV and blogging! This used to be such a normal part of my routine but geez, it's been a while! I've missed blogging and look forward to getting back into the routine but these past few months I've just had to be self-absorbed and focused or else I'm sure I would have had an epic meltdown (or 12). While we have so. much. to. do. it's important to remind ourselves of how much we've accomplished... 2013 has been a big year-- buy the house, substantially renovate the house into our home, move out of the apartment where I've lived for 5 years (with Andy for 2.5), prepare for baby (who will be here no later than April 2) and all of this during tax season which is usually enough to cause epic meltdowns in and of itself!

We're getting settled into our new place and each day, I'm happier and happier to be here. We lucked into an amazing neighborhood. We currently have lasagna in the toaster oven (kitchen is still in progress literally as I type) that a neighbor brought us the other day. Then our across the street neighbor saw the appliance delivery truck in the driveway and realized we didn't have a kitchen so he brought over some BBQ chicken from his grill. The kids across the street have been playing basketball all afternoon and the sounds of all the other kids riding bikes just makes me smile.

Flash forward two days to Monday, March 25...
Thomas Joseph arrived! He was a couple of days early and a surprise to me as I was convinced he was staying put!

We are totally smitten! It's amazing how much he's already grown up in just two weeks! He's packing on the pounds nicely and his doctor gave him the thumbs up at his 2 week check-up. We are slowly adjusting to life as a family of three and the only reason we're not complete zombies is because of the very generous amount of help we've received from the grandmommies! I hope to be back blogging soon as I truly do miss the creative outlet!

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