More of the Same (which is a great thing!)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011
Late post-- I blame intermittent internet, the effects of an hour and a half massage and an intense game of rack rummi.

We spent a lot of time on Funtastic Island. 

Dad's windsurfing board is on its second life as a paddle board.  Carley and Sarah kept saying how fun and how easy it was!

Little did Carley know I was pulling the board by the string, and the concept of low center of gravity is probably a little over her head.

Andy didn't have as easy of a job with it...

We had a musical evening-- Carley playing piano, Dad playing guitar with help from the girls and singing Happy Birthday to Ron (we miss you!).

Thankfully a storm rolled through and cooled things off for us, at least for a little while.

This beach week has been different than the others.  In addition to missing those that couldn't join us this year, the little girls aren't so little any more.  They're quite independent which makes for a different dynamic.  They'll run back and forth to the cottage, swim to Funtastic Island on their own, explore down Pappy's Lane, have conversations on the porch... it's been so much fun.

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