Birth Month Pennants

Thursday, June 23, 2011
Before sweet Anne Harrison was born, I was thinking about ways to commemorate her first year and document how much she would change over that year.  I had seen my fair share of the handwritten signs in sharpie on white computer paper-- 1 month-- and thought that there must be a cuter way!  Inspired by Nicole at Making it Lovely and John and Sherry at Young House Love, I decided to make birth month pennants.

While it's easy and fun for me to make the pennants, it's really up to the parents to see this to fruition.  I'm so happy that Anne is keeping up with Anne Harrison's monthly birthdays. I can't wait to see all 12 months together.

I love seeing the monthly pictures of Anne Harrison so much that I decided these pennants are a good thing.  So I made a new design just for precious Penny Singleton!

Penny arrived yesterday, and I just can't wait to meet her.  I'm also look forward to seeing Penny and her monthly photos.  No pressure, Joanna!

As I'm looking back at these photos, it's a good reminder that I need to continue to work on the photography of my projects.

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