Beach Week Wrap-Up

Saturday, June 18, 2011
Nothing like 6 girls descending on Lake Maimimi as the final hurrah for beach week!

Carley and Sarah had so much fun showing their cousins Lake Maimimi.  Look at Sarah leading the pack!


Andy made a batch of Backporch Lemonade so that the adults could survive the adventure.  Surprisingly, I think I needed it most! 

The little girls didn't need any help having a great time.  Dad's windsurfing board provided endless entertainment.

It was the perfect way to wrap up the week.  Mom and Dad are such great counselors... I think we need to have Atlas Summer Camp!  Dad calmly treaded water while overseeing the surfboard activity.  He was not phased by all squealing and yelling and occasionally was the instigator of such noises when he yanked on the rope attached to the board.  Mom was back at the house preparing the parfait glasses for ice cream sundaes which was the perfect end to the play date.  When the girls started to meltdown from too much fun, the surprise that ice cream sundaes were waiting for them at the house perked them all back up!

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