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Wednesday, January 18, 2012
A few months ago, I found and fell in love with this bedroom image:

Found via Elements of Style // Originally Featured in Coastal Living April 2011 // Image via Quadrille Fabrics

Then while perusing the pages of the January 2012 Southern Living that I picked up in Miami, I found this image:

Southern Living January 2012 // By: Jennifer Kopf // Produced by: Lindsey Ellis Beatty // Photography: Laurey W. Glenn
Notice anything similar?  Yep, I need new pillows and they need to be in Quadrille's Tashkent.  I'm 85% happy with our bedroom (why I've never posted pictures of it!) but it's missing something. I think this just might be the answer if only I can convince Andy that we need another pillow.  I can never have enough pillows, he can never have enough sports.  That's just something we will probably never understand about each other...
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