Lillian's Baby Book... Done!

Monday, August 22, 2016
What's awesome? I finished Lillian's Baby Book (birth to her first birthday)! The problem? Thomas is going to ask where his is. I don't think telling the threenager that he doesn't have a baby book will go over well. So I guess this is the motivation I need to make him a book.

You might be wondering why I've finished Lillian's book and barely started Thomas'? Because I made Lillian's using my iPhone.  Instead of wasting time in the depths the Daily Mail while I was waiting at the doctor, standing in line at the grocery, waiting for school pick-up, etc, I did a page or so of her book (title pages below). 

I have the Project Life and LetterGlow apps to thank (thank you!).  I used the Project Life App for the page layouts and used LetterGlow for any of the lettering. If anyone's interested in more details, let me know and I'll do a more detailed post!
3 comments on "Lillian's Baby Book... Done!"
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