Monday, May 7, 2012
Not much of a weekend recap this weekend, but that's not to say we didn't have a great weekend!  Just means that I must get back into the habit of snapping photos.

Not sure if it's my southern upbringing or what, but I do love a good monogram, especially on linens. We have some linen, hemstitched napkins from our wedding that are just waiting on me to decide on the perfect monogram.  I love how Kevin Sharkey has the same monogram for his linens-- such a cohesive household look!  And then there's Leotine Linens.  I die. Will have to start saving for those now...

TOP LEFT: Kevin Sharkey's Apartment // featured by Martha Stewart // photo by Paul Costello
TOP RIGHT: Leotine Linens - Rayford
MIDDLE LEFT: Leotine Linens - Addison + Grace
MIDDLE RIGHT: Elizabeth Bauer Design // via La Dolce Vita (our initials!)
BOTTOM LEFT: Matouk - Mirasol
BOTTOM RIGHT: Kevin Sharkey's Apartment // featured by Martha Stewart
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