Weekend Recap: Getting Back into the Swing of Things

Monday, April 30, 2012
There are some things that once you know how to do them, you never forget... like riding a bike.  Well, apparently running errands is not one of those things for me.  First weekend with no plans post-tax season, so we decided to get some things done.  We braved the gridlock traffic to pick up some gifts and a new trash can (yes, Supper Clubbers, I admit we need a new trash can).  About 2 blocks from home, I realized, one, I'd forgotten the gift card to buy the trash can and, two, we didn't have the addresses for sending the gifts.  Errands, fail... let's go get lunch.  The trend continued when I finally bit the bullet and went to the Apple Store for a new computer (!!).  New computer in hand at check out and no wallet in my purse.  Errand fail again.

Oh well, all was not lost.  I'm now blogging from my new computer (!!!) and we ended the weekend with delicious pizza on the grill.  There's always next weekend for errands.

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