A Banquette at The Dunmore

Monday, March 5, 2012
While we had a great (albeit too short) weekend in DC, I don't have any pictures to show for it! Andy's been on a golfing trip to SC, so my mom has been staying with me. Pure bliss! She's cooked so many meals that we had to remove the drawers in the fridge to make room. Andy will be fed very well when he returns!

One thing we did do was go to a few open houses yesterday. Andy and I are getting closer and closer to buying a house (it's just so hard to leave our building and neighborhood!), so mom and I have been researching. Looking through all those houses, definitely makes me think about decorating (that's where all the fun is, right?). Last week I was reminded of a room whose decor I truly love.

While flipping through my dear friend Stacy's photos from her engagement (surprise!) trip to Harbour Island a few weeks ago, I spotted the dining room at The Dunmore.

photos courtesy of Stacy & Eric

I commented on her photos that I would love to eat breakfast there every day-- my dream breakfast nook. Well, I kept thinking about it and thought that it looked familiar. Then I realized, I had pinned this image six and a half months ago!

The Dunmore // Featured in Coastal Living // Photographer: Tria Giovan // Designer:  Amanda Lindroth
I guess it means that I truly love this look!  Click on over to Coastal Living to see more pictures of The Dunmore redesigned by Amanda Lindroth.
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