Catching Up

Tuesday, December 20, 2011
I certainly have been saying this a lot-- where does the time go?!  I now understand why people decorate for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving.  If you don't do it at that point, next thing you know it's December 17, you haven't done your Christmas shopping, your home looks no different than it did on a random Saturday in October because holiday cheer is lacking.  Now I didn't get into this predicament because I was just sitting around doing nothing.

I'm a chronological thinker and doer... I don't eat lunch until I've eaten breakfast and I certainly can't chat about how it's beginning to look (and smell!) a little like Christmas at our apartment until I catch up on the past few weeks...

Surprise!  Stacy's 30th was a few weeks ago and it was a surprise party!!  That seems to be the theme with our friends and their 30th birthdays.

Also making an appearance (it's 4th appearance), is the 30th birthday pinata.  We had a great dinner at the Sulgrave Club.  Stacy's parents surprised her not only with the party but also with their visit to DC!  Lots of fun and definitely kicked off the holiday season... check out that Christmas tree!

Next up, Holiday Supper Club.  I wish we would have gotten a group picture!  Heidi was the most gracious hostess and made standing rib roast... yum!  What a long way she has come from always signing up to bring wine when Supper Club was first founded.

We always eat well at Supper Club but this meal came together and was perfectly cohesive!  Prosciutto wrapped and stuffed dates, Andy's Spicy Ginger cocktail mixed up and holiday styled, a perfectly placed pear and arugula salad and of course, the rib roast.

Since it was our holiday supper club, we brought in live music.

Not pictured.. a quick trip to Dallas to visit with family.  Not pictured because I packed so light and didn't have room for my camera.  It was a jammed packed weekend but I wish it could have been longer!
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